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Businesses use pre-employment testing as a means to screen applicants & often prior to a formal interview to select the right candidate who can match organizational job need. With the help of Pakistan Testing Services, the organizations are empowered to hire candidates for their prospective positions requiring right candidature and exposure. Hiring new employee has been considered as costly process because it requires huge investment in the areas of training, salary and benefits, expenses and office equipment. The various types of pre-employment testing help managers determine which candidate most nearly fits the job requirements. Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) has been established to conduct pre admission test and pre recruitment test for client organizations to provide right candidate who matches their needs in the view globalized job nature. PTS pledges to provide support for up gradation and uplifting institutions across the world by bridging gap towards organization’s requirement. We ensure transparency, merit and excellence including confidentiality of the employee and employers. Pakistan Testing Service owns capacity to conduct test and examination process of more than ten thousand candidates per day by announce its results on the same day within a period of twenty four hours. With the help of latest machinery and resources, PTS empowers organizations with right candidate for right place ensuring all qualification and experience of the candidates. In addition to, PTS is closely linked with the organizations of international repute and have created nexus for the betterment of institutional development in view of their exposure. This journey of cooperation among PTS and international organizations will have positive repercussions upon capacity building and organizational development in Pakistan. PTS undertakes the onus of Job Knowledge Test as per Employer’s requirements, Personality tests give prospective employers insight into the personality style and preferences of a job candidate, entry tests for local and international organizations and above all candid consultancy in organizational development and assessment processes. PTS undertakes the onus of test and assessment of following Score Cards for prospective candidates to hunt the jobs in various national and international organizations including public sector employment in Pakistan and abroad i.e. Middle East, West, European Countries: i) Marketing Assessment Test (MAT) ii) Office Management Test (OMT) iii) Engineering Assessment Test (EAT) iv) Recruitment Screening Test (RST) v) I.T Professional Test (ITPT) PTS is here for progress and prosperity of world communities and societies without any discrimination.


PTS has been established as an entity to be recognized by indigenous and international community as an acknowledged body to ensure testing, assessment and value addition in the national and international organizations by producing talented and professionally skilled human capital.


To maintain highest degree of cooperation and promotion in education and service sector.


  • To conduct perfectly right tests and recruitments of the proficient candidates for their placement in educational and institutions across the country and across the world.
  • Ensuring transparency, merit, excellence and standards of the national and international organizations through selecting right person for right place.
  • To undertake scientific research on testing, assessment, educational, technical and professional field in view of the changing circumstances of the organizations.
  • To value add build in the educational and professional individuals and institutions by professional certification / score cards through testing and assessment processes.
  • To disseminate the information in scientific way based upon research oriented attempts in the educational and professional institution within and out of country.
  • To provide equal employment opportunity.
  • To hunt the right candidate for right place.
  • To provide support to the national and international institutions by providing deserving, talented, highly qualified and professionally equipped manpower.
  • To provide consultation for proper candidature in the organizations.
  • To ensure liaison with national and international labor market.