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Director's Message

It is a matter of immense honor and pleasure that Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) has been established as an independent and professional organization with the core aim to explore hidden potentials in the human capital ensuring knowledge based education and demand driven service for collective and maximum benefit to human societies.

PTS conducts aptitude test, through performance ranking and scorecards, measuring capacity of the youth bulge for its consumption in education and service sector. PTS will continue to provide services in analysis and training, strategic management and planning, project monitoring and evaluation etc. These all core activities will be provided to the organizations of national and international repute at indigenous and international level.

Ensuring excellence in education and service sector by providing immense opportunities to all aspirants within and outer world to achieve the objectives is core of PTS’ aim. PTS will stand firm in its resolve to promote merit, fairness, transparency and ensuring the demographic dividend is reaped fully. Equipped with the foreign academic qualification and experience from the State of Qatar and Egypt and also a graduate of indigenous university, I am of the firm conviction to bring a paradigm shift in the Pakistani institutions embracing three-fold mission of excellence in recruitment and selection process, research in innovative methodologies to hunt human capital and ensuring borderless public service to human society.

Nevertheless, this task of educating all and serving borderless societies cannot be achieved without commitment of the international community, Civil Society, Bureaucracy, International Non-Governmental Organizations, prospective candidates in pursuit of higher education, academia and public in general. I am of the firm conviction that individually we may pursue development, but collectively we must have synergized achievement with the sincere and indefatigable efforts by the meritorious team at PTS platform. Fostering of right assessment and touching acme of success always rest with dedication, commitment, loyalty and ceaseless effort which I believe we are credited with.

I once again reiterate that PTS will be utilized fully to provide benefit to the human society at the right time. This nexus between PTS and the global community will promise a lot and pave way for progress and prosperity.

Faisal Abdul Wahid
Pakistan Testing Service